Products that bear the G. Lee-Vaughan Name

Current Products

All our current products that bear the G. Lee-Vaughan name are made exclusively for chosen distributors, and bear the name of that distributor as the brand and primary point of contact. This avoids the need for G. Lee-Vaughan to be registered as a producer of WEEE in the UK, as the distributor is the one whose brand needs to be registered.

Distributed by Bowden Bros

Discontinued Products

Lee-Track Cable Fault Locator

Products that do not bear the G. Lee-Vaughan Name

Commercial confidentiality means that we do not name these products here. Suffice to say that these products are made to the same high standards as those we put our name to.

Designs by G. Lee-Vaughan, branded and manufactured by other companies

These also exist. Again we will not name them.

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