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G. Lee-Vaughan is a manufacturer of electronic equipment used in the electricity supply industry.
Our products are used to detect faults and trace cables.
G. Lee-Vaughan is based in the United Kingdom, in Coulsdon in Surrey.

Our Mission

We aim to manufacture products that work.
We're not interested in adding flashy gimmicks to make a sale today and then force people to upgrade in six months.
We also repair our products where necessary, even if they are over 10 years old!


These are the products that bear our name.
  • Lee-Vaughan Cable Identifier - distributed by Bowden Bros
  • Lee-Track - not currently manufactured; improved version under development


We also design and / or make products for other companies sold exclusively under their names. Commercial confidentiality means we do not mention those products here, but we can use our available expertise and technologies for others. If you have a product idea and need some assistance bringing it to reality, we might be able to help. Why not contact us for further details.
We have experience in:
  • Low-power circuit design, both analogue and digital
  • PIC 8-bit microcontrollers
  • ARM 32-bit microcontrollers - particularly those by ST
  • USB interfacing
  • MIDI interfacing
  • Bluetooth communication
  • LoRa communication

Contact Information

Company Address:

G. Lee-Vaughan Limited
Locator Works
91 Woodman Road
United Kingdom
Registered in England No. 6092577
VAT No. GB 219 3191 69

Phone Number:

020 8668 5556

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020 8668 5556

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